Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing exciting, just a hello. I don't want them to close down my blog because I haven't used it for three months....YIKES! Things are good here at the Harker home. We are busy as I am sure the rest of you are too. Soccer, soccer, swimming, piano, activity days, office, primary, cleaning, laundry (I like to wait for Mt. St. Helen's to erupt on that one). Good stuff. Oh! We can't forget the ever enjoyable Spring Cleaning!!! I am doing what we call...DUNG HOUSE. It is a good feeling to get rid of STUFF. I am turning into my mother...just throw it out. This of course if the reason for my pack-rat behavior. I am happy to be able to help one of my children become a pack-rat too by throwing a few things away for them while on one of my rampages. Happy Spring!