Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing exciting, just a hello. I don't want them to close down my blog because I haven't used it for three months....YIKES! Things are good here at the Harker home. We are busy as I am sure the rest of you are too. Soccer, soccer, swimming, piano, activity days, office, primary, cleaning, laundry (I like to wait for Mt. St. Helen's to erupt on that one). Good stuff. Oh! We can't forget the ever enjoyable Spring Cleaning!!! I am doing what we call...DUNG HOUSE. It is a good feeling to get rid of STUFF. I am turning into my mother...just throw it out. This of course if the reason for my pack-rat behavior. I am happy to be able to help one of my children become a pack-rat too by throwing a few things away for them while on one of my rampages. Happy Spring!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taylee's class did a "Wax Museum". Each class member picked a different person to study and then present as if they were that person in a wax museum. They had a timeline, poster, picutres, props and costumes. Taylee was Emily Dickinson. She did amazingly well! She memorized some of her poetry and recited it along with some very interesting facts about Emily Dickinson. Great job Taylee!!!
Sorry for the graphic image, but you can't miss out on Camryn's monthly escapades. She was climbing for the umpteenmillionth time and fell. She hit the back of her head on the rung of the chair and split it open. Adam and I held her while Sam gave her a couple of shots. She wimpered a littled then fell asleep while Sam gave her six stitches. Still climbing. Didn't slow her down for a second. Well, maybe one.

Sam & Meredith took a trip to New York City...just the two of kiddos.
Saw the Broadway shows Wicked, In the Heights and another we can't remember (wasn't great).
Ate tons of delicious food--especially enjoyed the cannollis in Little Italy.
Saw their good friend Brandon Dalling who graciously let them stay in his apartment.
Met Brandon's very nice girlfriend Kristy and ate at a Bobby Flay restaurant.
Sam's highlight was seeing the Bodies Exhibition (real preserved bodies displaying every system within, a little gross but fascinating).
Meredith saw Katy Couric in the bathroom line at Wicked. Wow! She's really short.
Went to the NYC LDS Temple and did some work.
Sam the taskmaster walked them until Meredith's feet were bruised. Okay so her shoes weren't the best, but she wanted to LOOK GOOD in NYC.
We had lots of fun.
We had a ninja, witch, medieval princess, hula girl, tooth fairy & Robin Hood. (The witch took the picture of course).

Camryn discovered her artistic abilities. We found out later that some of the artwork belonged to her big sister Afton, who thought Camryn needed whiskers.

Had a great time with Taylee & her class at the Whitman Mission in Walla Walla, WA!